Thursday, January 19, 2012

We are building a Ryan Homes home.... AGAIN!

We are building a new house with Ryan Homes for the second time. Our first house was a Halifax model with almost all the possible bells & whistles (and bump-outs) and this time we are building the ROME model with only a few options because the house is big enough for our family this time.

Here is the halifax:
and we built that home in 2007 when I was pregnant. We picked out all our options for this 3-bedroom 2100 sq ft home before we knew that I was actually pregnant with twins.

NOW, we would like more space for a family of four, so we are building the Rome

Here is the rome:model which starts at 3060 sq ft. :)

We had a contingency to sell our halifax in order to build our new home, which luckily for us we were able to accomplish in less than 3 months. Of course, given the economy, we lost money on our sale, but it is all relative considering our new mortgage will more than likely be close the same (if not, lower) than our halifax mortgage payment.

The happy day we settled on the sale of our first Ryan Homes home was January 11, 2012. Our down payment for our second Ryan Homes home is due January 30, 2012 and

they are supposed to break ground on February 6, 20102. We are crossing our fingers for no weather interference!
We have since moved in with my in-laws and we hope to be able to visit and take lots of pictures while they are in the building process.

Here is our lot with our new SOLD sign attached (we attached it because we are dorky).

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