Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Roof, some Windows and Doors

Our project manager said we would have a roof by Tuesday.  My mom went out to show our house to my Grandma and they saw a lot more than any of us expected!  Yea!
It looks like they even slightly graded the front yard and where the driveway will eventually be.

Windows all up top! 

A dumpster is a good sign -- it means they will start all the stuff on the inside SOON!

They even installed the front door already!
Now Russ & I can't wait to actually go in and see everything!  We are dying to figure out all the details -- especially since our layout is flipped from the floor plan and the decorated model (which, by the way, we have visited twice even though it is a LONG drive!).
Russ will be going later this week to check out the inside -- so I'm sure I'll have photos of all that to share very soon!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Framing has begun!

The wood was delivered and framing began yesterday (Friday) AND they continued to work today (Saturday).  woo hoo!  NOW our house is starting to look like a house.  

Here are the big piles of wood:

This is the family room, the study (window), and the garage (left to right):

This is the morning room (will be a sliding glass door), the back of the family room, and the opening for the walk-out basement:

This shows the 3 windows in the back of the morning room:

Here is the other side of the house -- from left to right is the living room, dining room (window), kitchen, and then the morning room:

The second floor is starting to go up! That window is the guest bedroom.

More second floor stuff -- from L to R on the 2nd floor, you are looking at the boys playroom, the loft, and then their bedroom (currently open area):

And here are just a couple more showing the whole thing... I was trying to do that funny camera trick where it looks like you are "holding" the building, but obviously we did not create that effect (AT ALL).  Oh well- next time we'll do it right.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Foundation DONE!

The foundation is in!  woo hoo!  Apparently they are also " installing the waterproofing / drain tile system, and install the plumbing ground works for the house"... I don't know what all that means, but that is what the project manager emailed to us for the "to be done" list today. 

We are a little concerned about the lack of level back yard, but are crossing our fingers that we will have at least a little space that we can create some cool landscaping with steps to a bottom area or something like that down the road.  The lot is much bigger than our previous house, so we know we will be able to make it work for us.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day Number ONE!

And it begins!!!!  It looks a little spooky and completely something the boys wish they could play in!!

Here is what it looked like BEFORE they dug the hole: