Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Roof, some Windows and Doors

Our project manager said we would have a roof by Tuesday.  My mom went out to show our house to my Grandma and they saw a lot more than any of us expected!  Yea!
It looks like they even slightly graded the front yard and where the driveway will eventually be.

Windows all up top! 

A dumpster is a good sign -- it means they will start all the stuff on the inside SOON!

They even installed the front door already!
Now Russ & I can't wait to actually go in and see everything!  We are dying to figure out all the details -- especially since our layout is flipped from the floor plan and the decorated model (which, by the way, we have visited twice even though it is a LONG drive!).
Russ will be going later this week to check out the inside -- so I'm sure I'll have photos of all that to share very soon!


  1. I love when the house actually starts to look like a house. We also have a Rome with the same elevation, but flipped. I love my Rome - check out our blog!

  2. Thanks for posting. We're having the same model built. It won't be done until Aug. and they have not even started yet. I like your photos.