Saturday, February 25, 2012

Framing has begun!

The wood was delivered and framing began yesterday (Friday) AND they continued to work today (Saturday).  woo hoo!  NOW our house is starting to look like a house.  

Here are the big piles of wood:

This is the family room, the study (window), and the garage (left to right):

This is the morning room (will be a sliding glass door), the back of the family room, and the opening for the walk-out basement:

This shows the 3 windows in the back of the morning room:

Here is the other side of the house -- from left to right is the living room, dining room (window), kitchen, and then the morning room:

The second floor is starting to go up! That window is the guest bedroom.

More second floor stuff -- from L to R on the 2nd floor, you are looking at the boys playroom, the loft, and then their bedroom (currently open area):

And here are just a couple more showing the whole thing... I was trying to do that funny camera trick where it looks like you are "holding" the building, but obviously we did not create that effect (AT ALL).  Oh well- next time we'll do it right.

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  1. In the last picture you can see a missing section of the wall on the second floor. If you look closely you will see it behind Kimmie, it was a windy day and the workers did not get it braced quick enough.