Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hello PURPLE door!

The door is actually called "winestone", but it is purple to me and I love it.

We are on the home stretch.  I will not be able to go to the final inspection so I went this weekend and took photos of the rooms I did not have on the blog.  I was happily surprised to see almost all the little things have been done and CAN NOT wait until the work week is done!  
Standing in the morning room - looking towards the front of the house and family room 
Study with same carpet as family room
Dining room and Living room
Standing in living room looking towards dining room
Master bedroom towards "sitting room" or whatever they call it
Master bedroom looking towards hallway to the loft
Kitchen towards pantry
Probably my only complaint - I don't like this outlet for LOTS of reasons - mostly function & safety (?).. . we were also uncertain about that piece of molding -- it seemed like a lazy way to avoid having to cut drywall there, but then they added the molding all the way around and I think that looks OK now (see next photo).
The molding goes all the way around now.
Our house from the other side of the street - the foundation of the house to the left is already in place, so we will have all that space you see now... and you can just see the edge of the house to the right... so this is will be our whole front-house view.
Yea!  Can not wait to move in at the end of the week!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Then and Now

I came across this photo from our old Ryan Homes build, so I wanted to share since I am opening the EXACT SAME drawer in the photo.  This is only photo of me opening a drawer in both houses under construction -- ha ha!-- notice the baby belly in the older photo -- I am at about about 23 weeks (twins).  

It's interesting to see the differences in the kitchen too... even though they are almost identical in layout (flipped) -- the Rome model just has a set of cabinets to the side of the fridge (not in the photos) AND we upgraded to the gourmet island this time.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Updated Pics - floors and landscaping DONE

We have less than 2 weeks left for our final walk through (scheduled for Thursday 4/26) and things are certainly coming along!  
Here are the most recent photos from this weekend with all the floors installed, the first cleaning service complete, the landscaping done in the front, and many blue-tape marks to be fixed.

This photo shows the 2-tone paint that I actually really like -- much more than our old Ryan Home that was ALL white.

We did not upgrade our kitchen faucet, but plan to get one on our own very soon after moving in.

Plan to get some shutter-style window coverings for the bathroom... luckily this bathroom is in the BACK of the house, we had a window like this in our old house but it was on the FRONT!
My goofy mom and grandmother - ha ha!
Loving the boys larger bathroom with the double sink.

Loft with carpet installed - Winter Milk - no upgrade

Right bedroom - we THINK this will be the toy storage room, but I have to figure out which of the front bedrooms is smaller

Left bedroom - more than likely this will be the boys bedroom and I really hope both beds and both dressers will fit!

Laundry room!  Yea!
Hallway going down to and through the loft
Hallway/Landing light - happy to have a landing again -- we had one in our townhouse and I missed it at our last home.

Power Room - we are thinking of completely redoing this after moving in - possibly a vessel sink, more interesting mirror,  and DIY wainscoting on the walls.

Family room and Kitchen - with my mom

Me hanging on our "porch", "stoop", or mini-whatever you want to call it.

Front landscaping -- good enough for now but will DEFINITELY be changed as we live here!

Anyone who has been to our old house - notice our driveway is almost a carbon-copy of our last one -- just flipped.
I forgot to take photos of our living room and dining room - the floor is a laminate (cumberland jatoba) and I REALLY like it.  You can see it slightly in the photo of the powder room, but I will need to be sure to get some better photos to put on here later.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ordered our non-Ryan Home appliances...

This weekend we took advantage of a "Buy More, Save More" sale at Sears and purchased our refrigerator:
Kenmore Elite 25 cu ft French Door Counter Depth Bottom Freezer in Black
And our freezer (to hopefully go in the garage if there is enough room OR in the basement):
Kenmore 13.7 cu ft Upright Freezer in Black
And our washer and dryer:
LG 3.7 cu ft Top Load HE Washer & LG 7.1 cu ft dryer
They are set up to be delivered the day after our settlement.
We have a moving company set up to get all our stuff out of storage the day after settlement.  

AND we have a trailer on reserve to move all our stuff that is currently with us to the new house RIGHT after the settlement.
I sure hope everything works out on time!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Photos of inside so far...

Here are some photos of what we saw this weekend.  I think our kitchen floor is quite a bit darker than what I wanted, but I am still happy with it.  Luckily our cabinets are light in color AND our table in the morning room is also a light colored wood.  One thing I need to ask is what flooring is supposed to go into the pantry -- it was supposed to be the same vinyl, but it looks like they did not do that and I am hoping they don't make an ugly seam if they throw an additional piece in that hallway and pantry... we will wait and see because they are finishing the floors this week!
Kitchen with the island installed (dishwasher is in the walkway)
Kitchen Island - countertops are BUTTERUM GRANITE (formica)
Looking over the sink into the morning room
Flooring -- like I said, a little dark.  Also a a little busy, but I think I will like it once everything is done and in place.

Dishwasher to be installed
Pantry!  Yea!  - but the floor will be (????)
Banister - the stain is a little darker than we thought, but it should match/coordinate with our laminate floor in the main hallway.
Boys bathroom -- flooring
Laundry Room floor
Master bathroom - similar to floor downstairs but a lighter color... not sure I am a fan of this, but it can always be changed later.  I do like the tile, but we thought the accent glass tiles were going to be much bigger than this.
Linen closet - love it because it is about 2 times the size we had before

Back of house... thinking about our deck designs...
Drywell installed means the yard to the right has been slightly graded.  Notice our air conditioner is in place -- on that side like we requested.
 And here is the house from the front -- I wish they would move that white gas thing in the front... maybe it will be gone by the next visit!