Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hello PURPLE door!

The door is actually called "winestone", but it is purple to me and I love it.

We are on the home stretch.  I will not be able to go to the final inspection so I went this weekend and took photos of the rooms I did not have on the blog.  I was happily surprised to see almost all the little things have been done and CAN NOT wait until the work week is done!  
Standing in the morning room - looking towards the front of the house and family room 
Study with same carpet as family room
Dining room and Living room
Standing in living room looking towards dining room
Master bedroom towards "sitting room" or whatever they call it
Master bedroom looking towards hallway to the loft
Kitchen towards pantry
Probably my only complaint - I don't like this outlet for LOTS of reasons - mostly function & safety (?).. . we were also uncertain about that piece of molding -- it seemed like a lazy way to avoid having to cut drywall there, but then they added the molding all the way around and I think that looks OK now (see next photo).
The molding goes all the way around now.
Our house from the other side of the street - the foundation of the house to the left is already in place, so we will have all that space you see now... and you can just see the edge of the house to the right... so this is will be our whole front-house view.
Yea!  Can not wait to move in at the end of the week!


  1. I love the winestone! Everything looks great! As for the molding on the breakfast bar, at least they did it all the way around. I think it looks ok. Because we are doing the upgraded formica, the backsplash has the waterfall edge on top so they can't cut through that for the outlet. So, our outlet ended up a little higher and our PM raised the breakfast bar a little to accommodate it. are so close!

  2. Love the door color! Your lot is great, lots of room on the side. We won't have all the room, so I'm jealous. :) I agree that they may have thrown the trim up in the kitchen to avoid dryway, or a small space, but in the end not much else could go there. If you decide to do a backsplash, tile backsplash would have to be cut really small. I think trim there was a good alternative to that space...

  3. Everything looks great! I think the trim looks nice, especially since it goes all the way around.

  4. Looks great. We actually have our toaster plugged into that plug by the sink and have the toaster pushed to the edge of the counter. We haven't had any issues with it yet.

    What is the blue tape on the carpet for? Are they having to fix just small spots, or does it just need cleaning?

  5. Hi Kimmie - the house looks great and we're pleased to hear that you're happy too!

  6. Kimmie the house looks great! I love that I am able to see what my soon to be home will look like. I'm excited that you guys will be closing soon!

  7. Looks nice! I have an outlet where you do in our home, which is a Florence and we have no problem at all. I don't keep anything plugged in there all the time, but do use the outlet once in awhile.

    We built our first RH in 1979 or 1980, lived there 5 year's and moved about 2 more times in 25+ years and finally built another RH when we moved to OH 1 1/2 years ago.


  8. That same outlet is in the model of our home too. The trim is there too but it doesn't take up the whole space. There is still drywall below it.

  9. about to have presettlement demonstration with ryan this week. any suggestions or questions to ask during this process? thanks!