Monday, April 16, 2012

Updated Pics - floors and landscaping DONE

We have less than 2 weeks left for our final walk through (scheduled for Thursday 4/26) and things are certainly coming along!  
Here are the most recent photos from this weekend with all the floors installed, the first cleaning service complete, the landscaping done in the front, and many blue-tape marks to be fixed.

This photo shows the 2-tone paint that I actually really like -- much more than our old Ryan Home that was ALL white.

We did not upgrade our kitchen faucet, but plan to get one on our own very soon after moving in.

Plan to get some shutter-style window coverings for the bathroom... luckily this bathroom is in the BACK of the house, we had a window like this in our old house but it was on the FRONT!
My goofy mom and grandmother - ha ha!
Loving the boys larger bathroom with the double sink.

Loft with carpet installed - Winter Milk - no upgrade

Right bedroom - we THINK this will be the toy storage room, but I have to figure out which of the front bedrooms is smaller

Left bedroom - more than likely this will be the boys bedroom and I really hope both beds and both dressers will fit!

Laundry room!  Yea!
Hallway going down to and through the loft
Hallway/Landing light - happy to have a landing again -- we had one in our townhouse and I missed it at our last home.

Power Room - we are thinking of completely redoing this after moving in - possibly a vessel sink, more interesting mirror,  and DIY wainscoting on the walls.

Family room and Kitchen - with my mom

Me hanging on our "porch", "stoop", or mini-whatever you want to call it.

Front landscaping -- good enough for now but will DEFINITELY be changed as we live here!

Anyone who has been to our old house - notice our driveway is almost a carbon-copy of our last one -- just flipped.
I forgot to take photos of our living room and dining room - the floor is a laminate (cumberland jatoba) and I REALLY like it.  You can see it slightly in the photo of the powder room, but I will need to be sure to get some better photos to put on here later.


  1. Congratulations, you are knocking on the door!

  2. Its beautiful Kimmie! The home stretch!

  3. Congratulations on your 2nd Ryan Home! We are actually in the process of building our 2nd Ryan Home also!