Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just gotta love the view!

We've been in the house over a month and even though we've accomplished a lot, there are still so many little things to do here and there.
This picture was just taken tonight and I had to share because I absolutely LOVE living in this new area -- so much more open and calm and I love it!

Hold the rainbow up in the sky!
The next plan is to level out our back yard using a retaining wall and we are having some people give us quotes to do the work.  Luckily for us, the developer of our neighborhood (the guy who did all the "set-up work" before Ryan Homes took over), is a good friend of a friend.  So, he has all the paperwork and information readily available for us to design our necessary retaining wall.  He has even been to our house twice already to help figure out some designs.  I look forward to what they come up with, but, of course, am a bit frightened by the possible price.  Also - we have a large area in the corner of our lot that is part of a "Water Resource Protection Easement" and we can not build on it... but there should be plenty of room for us to have a decent back yard working around that section.  Before pictures will come soon!


  1. Now that is a picture I would put in a frame on one of the walls in the house! Just gorgeous!

  2. Hey Kimmie, JCP is selling the sectional again!