Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Master Closet

UPDATE:  We decided to finish off our master bedroom closet.  Since we did not choose the option for the extra bathroom upstairs, we decided to eliminate the "L" shape that includes a sitting area.  We used that space and the original walk-in closet to make a much larger master closet.

Here are our results:


  1. I wish we had not gotten the sitting room...although we did do closet systems in both closets...just the "L" side is so much smaller. We don't make any use out of the sitting area. Looks nice!

    1. That's why we went ahead and built this. We knocked out the closet wall and built a new wall, so that our master bedroom is now a rectangle. The sitting area and original closet are now my closet. :)

  2. Great mind think alike, we just added a second closet to the master :)
    Looks awesome!