Monday, March 19, 2012

Pre-Drywall DONE and Settlement Set

We had our pre-drywall meeting last Thursday (3/15) and our settlement is set for April 27th!
Prior to the meeting, we verbally requested our air conditioning unit (and any utility units) to be placed on the right side of the house since we have that big open space on the left and would like to make use of the bigger part of our yard without any obstacles (like a big and ugly air conditioner).  We will more than likely never use the yard on the RIGHT side of the house and/or do much landscaping because our neighbor is so close, so we asked if it could be placed on that side.  
When we drove by the house one day, the cables were all sticking out of the wrong side of the house... but our project manger quickly fixed that for us and we were VERY happy to see the cables sticking out of the correct side of the house at the pre-drywall meeting!
Hello cables and such on the RIGHT!
This is the big open space that I keep mentioning -- this shows where our yard stops (the outer black barrier) and the long straight space that is common, but not easily accessible to any lot but ours.
This is the corner of our lot up to the 2nd black barrier (the first one is just a run-off barrier during construction)... it looks like a decent amount of space, but it is deceivingly downhill. :( 
Now we are just on the count-down to settlement and excited to see all the options we choose start to come to life.  This week is drywall, stone & siding, and shutter.  I will hopefully have some great pictures this Saturday when we visit!

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  1. Sooo exciting! Were a couple of weeks behind and cant wait! Hope to see some pics soon! --Ericka