Monday, March 12, 2012

Site Plan and neighbors

When we picked our lot, we loved that it backed to preserved land AND we loved that there was open space to one side.  We knew that the house to our right (facing the house lot #328) would be close... but, of course, it is a bit closer than we really want to even think about.  It is just so crazy how they organized that lot and I just hope we will like those neighbors.  :)
Our lot is #329:
In the space just above this text is a flat, open field of grass.  GREAT - almost private -  space for our boys to play!

This shows the open area to the left of our house and that open space down on the side of  the fenced-in storm water pond.  

You can see the foundation on the house to our right -- and how close they are to us.  At least they are building a different model (the Milan) and hopefully it will be a different color too.
Our pre-dry wall meeting is on Thursday, so after that we will be on an official count-down to settlement!  woo hoo!  I am already on an un-official count down considering we are living with the in-laws (although we certainly appreciate them taking us in during all of this!).


  1. It is really strange how #328's back corner of their house looks like it touches the property line! Hope they are really nice people :)

  2. Wow, that is really close and the way they are angled a small fence might look weird. At least the Milan doesnt have a large footprint -- Ericka