Friday, March 30, 2012

Stone and Cabinets!

Our stone is up!   I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the way the stone turned out!  I also am in love with our shutters and siding against the stone.   YEA!
Here is house with the shutters (almost all) in place.
Here is a close up of the stone so you can see WHY we liked the "winestone" shutters & doors... notice the purple stones mixed in with the other colors!
Now I am starting to visualize my grand-scheme idea of extending the garage roof over to the right in order to create a larger cover for the front door area.  Our thoughts are to create a column with the bottom half covered in the stone... can you "see" it?
Things are going on in the inside as well - it looks like we have some cabinets, counters, banisters, trim, and paint!
Here is the living room and dining room.  The dining room has the ONLY window that faces our too-close neighbors house.  BUT, their house has NO windows that face our window.  YEA!
Here is the "foyer"... or  really just the long hallway that leads to the back of the house.  Notice the banisters are installed!
Here are the kitchen cabinets and counter under cover - we choose Fairfield Maple Spice Timberlake with Butterum Granite Formica.  
Here is our attempt at a photo while lifting the plastic cover... you get the general idea.  They are basically the same color as our old house, but with a simpler design on the front-- which we both REALLY like much more!
Our island is sitting in the family room at the moment... waiting to be installed.
Another look at the banister from the upstairs .. I think it is still going to be stained.
The boys bathroom sink - -ours looks exactly like this so I didn't bother with a photo.
I just had an idea to maybe build or buy a tiny shed/organizer and put it right in this little "nook" for the lawnmower and power washer.  We'd rather keep everything out of the garage because we both did not like how the garage at our old house looked AND the shed we had there is WAY too big for any empty space on the new lot.
We will not be visiting the house for another whole week, so I am excited to see what happens over these next 7 days?????


  1. Hello,
    I just found your blog and I'd love to ask you a few questions about your experience. My husband and I are building with Ryan homes too. Can we exchange emails?

  2. OMG, I see your home and its like I am looking at my unfinished product...we have the exact stone, shutters and siding! I was unsure as to how it would look, but now I'm at ease because it is beautiful! We also have the same countertops :). I will continue to use your site to help me be at ease with mine!

  3. The stone looks great. They don't offer that style here, but I think it's really cool.

  4. The stone is beautiful! Your cabinets are beautiful, too. We got the same cabinets in our bathrooms and a darker maple in the kitchen, but we didn't get hardware because I wasn't sure how the brushed nickel would look with maple. Now that I see yours, I love it! We got the Esquire with full brick front and we go to settlement in 10 days. I can feel your excitement, because it matches mine! Good luck!